MR TECHNOLOGY SDN BHD (MRTSB) was established in March 2003.
It is a wholly-owned bumiputera company.
MRTSB has been active in the business activities involving Metal Magnetic Memory (MMM) -advanced Non Destructive Testing (NDT) equipment and services. In the year of 2012, MRTSB had secured several projects and providing specialised engineering services in advanced non-destructive testing to major operating oil and gas companies - e.g Petronas and Shell.

As a progressive company, MRTSB is constantly seeking for opportunities to expand its business in areas related to it score activities. Eventually, MRTSB plans to become a successful and competent Bumiputera company in the area of engineering integrity monitoring, analysis, diagnosis and assessment business.

To be the fore front of Advanced NDT and Engineering Integrity Assessment in ASIA
Providing niche technology solutions for Engineering Integrity
Monitoring, Analysis, Diagnosis and Assessment utilising Magnetic Metal Memory (MMM) Technology

Rosman Abdul Rashid
Advanced NDT and Engineering Integrity Assessment Division
In this area of business, we are focusing on providing services utilising basic Non-destructive testing (NDT) and advanced NDT. Specifically, we are offering services in the non-destructive testing (NDT) services and also in the area of integrity monitoring, analysis and assessment. MRTSB is also the sole distributor for the newly developed advanced NDT technology called Metal Magnetic Memory in Malaysia and South Asian Region.

a) Basic NDT
For basic NDT, we are providing technology services based on Ultrasonic Testing (UT), Radiography Testing (RT), Eddy Current Testing (ECT), Magnetic Particle Testing (MPT) and others basic or conventional NDT technology in fulfilling the requirement of engineering integrity assessment. We are also providing man-power and services for inspector in welding, QA/QC, API510, API570 and API653.

b) Advanced NDT Technology
For advanced NDT technology, we are focusing in providing the services based on an emerging NDT technology known as Metal Magnetic Memory (MMM) and Advanced Acoustic Emission (AAE) Technology. Besides the collaboration with our principle,we also developed our own local experts in bringing the technologies into this region.

MRTSB has been appointed as the Metal Magnetic Memory (MMM) technology provider by Energodiagnostika Ltd. (Russia) for Malaysia and South East Asia region.

Metal Magnetic Memory (MMM) technology is considered as an advanced NDT technology and recognized by the ISO standard with the corresponding code number, ISO24497. The related international standard for the MMM technology is given below:

  • ISO24497-1:2007(E) Non-Destructivetesting–Metal magnetic memory–Part1 : Vocabulary.
  • ISO24497-2:2007(E) Non-Destructivetesting–Metal magnetic memory–Part2 : General Requirements.
  • ISO24497-3:2007(E) Non-Destructivetesting–Metal magnetic memory–Part3 : Inspection of welded joints.

MMM Technology are divided in two main types namely contacting and non-contacting MMM. MRTSB has been collaborated with Dept. of Mechanical and Material Engineering UKM for the MMM technology. Based on the collaboration works, a new 3D MMM stress contours has been successfully developed by UKM team.

a) Contacting MMM
The contact MMM technology has been used in various engineering field such as oil and gas industry, power generation, aviation, railway transport, sea transport and metal structures. This technology can be applied to inspect stress condition in the welding, normal surface sorunder insulation without removing the insulation.

b) Non Contacting MMM
Capable of detecting the maximum high stress segment associated with potentionly problem of the buried pipeline.
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